Birth of a CEO Nation, LLC,

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  • Call us: 1.800.674.8825
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Regional Membership
Exclusive Membership fees assistance
Client support
Business set up
Assist with book signings
Assist with planning
Assist with business entities
Referral letters
Support w/ presentations
Personal mentor
Resources from our professional's
Assistance /support branding your name on social media sites
Access to all of our chapters nationally and internationally
Networking w/CEO's & authors
Publishers & illustrators Build your coaching
Training and speaking brand and assistance from authors on writing a book
Newsletters, membership card, press kit
Access to our sites to network and build your brand.
Receive training a speaker
Coaching and trainer program
Work with staff to receive speaking and coaching clients Membership cards, press kit and newsletter
Access to our sites to network and build your brand
Receive training a speaker and trainer material
Work with the Birth of a CEO nation staff to receive speaking and training opportunities
Membership card and newsletter
Affiliate membership will get you access to our regional sites
Assistance connections Discounts off our meetings
Boost your CEO connection
Meet & greets often to keep you connected!!!!
Promotion on sites
Virtual and Mastermind access as well
Membership card, newsletter
This membership will give you access to meetings
Gain support
Encouragement hotline access once per month
Basic services limited access but can add your membership services as needed
Support guidance etc.
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