Birth of a CEO Nation, LLC,

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  • Call us: 1.800.674.8825
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With over 20 years of military, defense contracting, and entrepreneurship, Will Wright is a dogged advocate for people wanting financial freedom and access to entrepreneurship. Mr. Wright has been a business owner in the lanes of financial services, construction, landscaping, investing for the last 8 years. Mr. Wright is also a certified Public Speaking, Coaching and Leadership through the John Maxwell Certification Program. Mr. Wright has educated numerous individuals and businesses in the lane of Credit Coaching, Credit Education, Estate Planning, Credit Card Merchant Services, Public Speaking, Small Business Consulting, and in other areas of expertise.

Considered an expert in the financial, economic, and entrepreneur area, he is a frequent speaker at schools, churches and small businesses. His body of work and record of excellence makes him one of the most highly sought after speakers in the central Texas area.

Holding an undergraduate degree from Alcorn State University, receiving a B.S. in Business Administration w/ Concentration in Management and a Master’s of Science in administration from Central Michigan University, Mr. Wright has applied his knowledge in constructing several successful businesses. His MBA from University of Oklahoma has also aided him in building a very strong business model. Mr. Wright is also a Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, INC.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Birth of a CEO Nation, LLC will be a leader in social impact By preparing aspiring and existing coaches, authors, trainers and speaker professional development and also ensure they offer end users i.e. schools, churches, businesses, social organizations value and develop and cultivate greatness through these organizations. A young entrepreneur platform will support the youth as we prepare those kids who want to maximize greatness, they will have that option. Ultimately we providing greater opportunity for citizens globally through economic and social development and Investing in communities.

  • Young Entrepreneur Platform
  • Being an Effective Public Speaker
  • Being a leader is challenging – literally
Our Vision

Leadership As authors, coaches, speakers and trainers we are spread in a diaspora throughout the country and world,

  • Be a great place to work, people are inspired
  • Winning network of customers and partners
  • Be a highly effective & fast-moving company
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